The Roslindale Studio showcases the unique artwork of Marty, Judy, Michael and Jonathan Ulman.


My art evokes images of my life and time. These images are recreated with artifacts accumulated over many years, which I find by picking through piles of junk; the refuse of the 19th and 20th century technology. These items are incorporated into my work allowing viewers another look and the objects another life. The art becomes a vehicle to encapsulate a slice of history and give it a second form.


We see art not by what we create but what nature has created for us. Simplistic mannerisms that abound and surround us, we take for granted. There are places of beauty that we accept without acknowledging that we pass without recognizing. Yet it is the details of nature, the color, pattern and rhythm, the predictable and the unimaginable that inspire. Often missed at first glance, photographs provide another opportunity.


Looking at my artwork, it is easy to recognize the fascination I have in creating art that captivates my interest. I use found objects that have been purchased at yard sales or retrieved from trash piles to illustrate images that mirror my thoughts and ideas. The difficult part is locating the found object that truly matches the real object in both look and movement. This sometimes happens fast or more often excruciatingly slow. Thus a piece could take as much as a year in assembly before it is ready to finish.


Jonathan developed a passion for drums at an early age, under the recommendation of his piano teacher. Throughout the next 15 years, Jonathan refined his skills by playing with as many different musicians as he could, no matter the style. Today, Jonathan’s desire and commitment to playing music has not wavered. He has had the opportunity to play with many great musicians around the world and still challenges himself to continually learn and grow as a drummer.